Realistic Affirmations


Sick of the generic positive affirmations?
Need help getting into the right frame of mind for a busy day?
I have designed 26 aesthetic, relatable affirmations so you can be reminded of the incredible human you are every day. The carefully selected quotes and words of encouragement are veterinary specific, words I would say to myself before exams and stressful times that would calm me. Repeating a supportive and encouraging self-talk helps you to believe it’s true and alter subconscious thoughts




Once you have bought the digital file, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with your order, you will need to click the link under “download” which will download your file. You will need to save this onto your computer. You will be able to fill the templates on your computer (or print if this is your preferred method). Once you have downloaded the file you can continue to make copies for each day and use them in your daily routine, or set as your phone/laptop background. There is a download limit (3) on the link.


Please note as this is a digital download, strictly no refunds.

Realistic Affirmations


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