Inside the Emergency Room – GDVs and More – Volume 2


Inside the Emergency Room
Step by Step Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines
Topics included: Pancreatitis, Seizures, Heat Stroke,

Haemabdomen, GDVs + client communication notes.

It is a fast-paced life in the emergency room. We act quickly and decisively to save lives. Often the first 12 hours are the most critical – this is where I come in. The reality is everyone becomes an emergency vet the moment a critical patient walks through those doors. This is the information I want you to know. This book with cover some of the most common emergencies I see, where the first 12 hours are essential to survival. Case-by-case we will break down signalment, history and physical exam findings to give us differential diagnoses and diagnostic plans. Followed by a step-by-step practical treatment guide. This book contains information at gold standard care which you can tailor to your practice’s equipment. It has important notes for the nursing team too. I want you to feel prepared, empowered and ready to handle what happens next but also to feel confident guiding the owners through the conversations required to facilitate treatment.




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Inside the Emergency Room – GDVs and More – Volume 2


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