Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian

Just a girl who dreamed about being a vet and now we are here

How does a woman in her early 20s, launch herself into a career of emergency and critical care, in one of most challenging aspects of veterinary medicine and in one of the busiest hospitals in Australia? I promise you, the answer isn’t luck. It is related to building relationships and connections and having the sheer determination to follow my passion. I know those patients who come through the doors are in urgent need of care and attention and this is where I make my greatest impact.


Making that new graduate transition easier

The transition from vet student to new graduate is a uniquely challenging period. The best way to describe it is a rollercoaster. Suddenly you are a Doctor. That exhilarating feeling and the chance to save lives, can soon be replaced by unease when it comes to the unexpected, constant pressure of decision making. It is my mission to help make this period easier so YOU – new graduates – can enjoy this incredible part of your career. Can’t wait to share my project with you x

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